Page 98 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 98

saying that ‘in spite of my telling several times they don’t come, he has put everything that I said in deaf ear, I have wasted my time for 5 hours with him, I talked to him repeatedly Sir about this, He does not want to follow’. Don’t lose your patience, tell. It is only one lion who will come. Everybody will not come but nothing wrong in telling about. Go on telling. We should try as human beings to do spiritual good to others. O Master thou art the real goal of human life. Are we thinking in terms of human beings for spiritual service? Are we getting oriented towards service as a human being? Does your concept of human include that? Is your mind clear on the subject? For you to meditate and know.
“Earnest labour on Master’s way shall never go in vain. Amen!” I am sure our effort together here now has not gone in vain. It makes us rededicate ourselves to the path. Our craving of the soul is going to be fully satisfied. Have that confidence.

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