Page 134 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Practice and Efficacy of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
from office. But the Munsif, to whom the matter was reported, told him that he would teach the work and that he would continue in office, saying simultaneously that he cannot get such an honest man. He felt so bad that he even told his respected father that he would resign from the office or else commit suicide. His father told him to resign immediately if he felt so. However, he continued the service and with the help of the Munsif was able to learn the work fast in a few months and was comfortable. Despite this attitude of his colleague which had driven him to such an extent as to make him think of suicide also, his treatment towards him was as cordial as ever. He had no enmity towards him and he even loved him more. Others called him simple and naive but from his point if others do not do their duty why should one not do his duty? He puts it like "What I do for you, it is my duty; what you do not do for me, it is your duty". But then Nature did not spare his colleague and no one in his family survived for long. However, Sri Ramchandraji helped his son to get a job in the court. However, he also
died. In the short span of life while so many good

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