Page 135 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Story of Revered Babuji Maharaj
things can be done, unfortunately many prefer to do more wrong than good.
While he was actively working in the Court, his sadhana also continued simultaneously vigorously. Within 6 months after his introduction to the system of meditation, he saw in meditation a soothing light and a plant full of light emitting forth light from all its branches and leaves. After another 6 months he noticed a peculiar thing in his heart reciting "Om". That is the experience of Ajapa. This is due to the fact that his Master infused it in his heart and that is the technique that he also practices to this day provided the abhyasi practices with full faith and devotion in the Master. A shaking to the heart twice or thrice usually precedes the experience. This followed by such Ajapa throughout the particles of his being, which is known as Anahata. About this period, he was in the habit of playing cards. He was instructed by his Master in a dream to stop playing cards as they are influencing him and he obeyed the order immediately. Such was his implicit obedience.

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