Page 145 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Story of Revered Babuji Maharaj
thought tendencies of sex and rage. These processes assist the person in moderating the bestial instincts and live as humans. He suggested practice of Ten Commandments, which were given to him by the Divine in his super fine state of Super Consciousness. He prescribed a method of prayer before going to bed, which is absolutely secular and has no religious or regional over tones and in fact no reference to any God so far imagined and projected by the human race. The God of Sri Ramchandra has no mind, no form and no name. He is the force behind all and the base of all. He is the most intimate located in the heart which is the meeting point of activity and inactivity in the human frame. After having got all the thoughts cleared up and divinised, he started his spiritual activities. He structured the method of working in such a way that he would permit persons to work as prefects or preceptors through Pranahuti, a system to spread the message by fomenting spiritual seed in the aspiring individuals.

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