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Story of Revered Dr. K.C. Varadachari
the spiritual life. He was initiated by two sages of Tiruvengadam hills. The mantra given was Om Vikrti swaroopaya namaha. Vikrti is the opposite of Prakrti and that denotes the original God or the God behind the God. But this initiation has only brought him more and more suffering and humiliation. When this was narrated by him to D.T.Tatachariar swamin he advised him to do Ramayana Parayanam to which he has agreed. On an auspicious day the Swamin arrived and asked Varadachari to start the Parayanam. When the sankalpam is to be made for relief from problems and difficulties, he however asked for Him and Him alone and nothing short of that. D.T.Tatachariar swamin was upset that he did not ask the relief that is required and instead chose to seek the Param. This reading (parayana) of complete Ramayana went on for 7 times and every time he chose to ask for the Param only. Desperately the Swami left his attempts to improve the lot of the Professor. During his tenure as Professor in the S.V. Arts College he was able to convince the management that there should be a
compulsory class on Religion for every student.

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