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Story of Revered Dr. K.C. Varadachari
spectator to this trend and grieved more in his heart than expressed to others.
Dr. K.C. Varadachari himself was restless till the last day to merge in the Ultimate and while expressing his anguish, also stated that other senior abhyasis did not think he has attained oneness with Ultimate as stated by the Master. He has advanced in the path to such an extent that the Master observed in his letter dated 24th June 1969 " You have written that sometimes you feel absorbed seeking to move swiftly to the centre. There is no change at all in your state. It is a changeless condition as I say. A little bit of humanity is there as it ought to be and so you feel the difference. In the beginning your inclination was to reach the Centre, a tinge of it is still there so you feel seeking to move swiftly to the Centre. Nothingness or negation is your condition, which will itself disappear. The Master stated again in his letter (21st June 1970) to him that "I can say with certainty that you are in Absolute Reality without minding what my lady student has said." The last state of identity, which is

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