Page 199 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Story of Revered Dr. K.C. Varadachari
trust everyone will cooperate with you. But I must utter a word of warning, if I ought not to be misunderstood. Let us not commercialize our Mission in out haste to secure financial stability for the Mission, and embark upon works which are not immediately helpful to spiritual development of the abhyasis. We have to imbibe the sense of Mission- Spiritual and not mix it up with other ends. If I am not to be misunderstood, I believe some things can be thrashed out with other seekers who also know about the deviations that take place in spiritual work. I trust you will not misunderstand me." His problem in sadhana was more serious. He wrote in the letter. "I had asked the question, why even in a very high state far above the circles or rings of splendour there is growth of resistance to the Ultimate dissolution or absorption or mergence." "It has of course grave consequences in our appraisal of the ultimate state possible under our system." However the reply from the Master on 21st June 1970 did not address the anguish expressed by the professor while asserting his status as being in Absolute Reality. It was clear
to him the same problem that he faced with the

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