Page 56 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Practice and Efficacy of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
of others and worked for it incessantly. So also it is our birthright to be saint.
Everyone has a birthright to be saint. God has given the capacity to think, by exercising this faculty we become human, and by exercising the same for the good of others we become saints. This is the minimum level of achievement we can have and we are supposed to have. The preliminary stages of this consciousness are what a child has by birth. It is innocent, it does not distinguish between persons, and it speaks always straight and the truth. We teach later how to tell falsehood. However, in the West certain psychologists, more particularly the Freudian type have considered the child to be polymorphous perverse. That is what we can see in the child when we look at it from our angle. But if you look at it from its angle it is always an angle. We compared the child with ‘Bala Mukundam’ and ‘Vatapatra Sayee’ etc.. Note the difference in the approaches. The child is innocent and does not give too much weight to the various thoughts we give to it, even if we scold it forgets it and is back as

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