Page 88 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Practice and Efficacy of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
beyond all religions, was almost lost even in the land of its origin. Many great men were however satisfied with social and cultural reforms, armed mutiny or in the religious rejuvenation of society. However saints of the calibre of Swami Vivekanandaji who are pioneers in the field of spirituality and the guiding personalities in the field even today were convinced that a day would come when mighty minds would arise and India would show light to the world.
Thus the power of Nature descended in human form as Samarth guru Mahatma Ramchandraji Maharaj. It happened as Divinity would will, on the Basant Panchami day in the month of Magha in the year 4974 after the beginning of Kali yuga corresponding to the 2nd Feb. 1873 A.D. at Fategarh in the state of UP in India. His father Sri Harbux Rai belonged to a very distinguished family of kayasths. His great grand father was a person of rare genius and his fine qualities and noble attainments won for him, from the Great Moghul emperor unstinted praise and friendship. He was given the title of Chowdhari and a

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