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Story of Revered Lalaji Maharaj
jagir comprising 555 villages. He resided in the town of Bhoomigram in the district of Mainpuri in UP India. The family which got affected by the after effects of the uprising of the Indians in 1857 (called sepoy mutiny by the biased British historians) migrated to Fategarh, U.P. Here he worked as tax superintendent and began to live with his family. But in the changed circumstances his state had been subjected to considerable damage and his assets were just enough to live the old aristocratic life.
His wife was a saintly lady. Her heart was full of devotion and she was strongly attracted towards God. She had great regard for saints and served them whenever she had an opportunity. She had a melodious voice and her recitation of Ram Charit Manas thrilled the audience. Charity the principle of a Grhasta was practiced by her to the fullest and no needy person ever left her house without satisfaction. However she had no children. Therefore they had adopted a son.
Once a saint came to Farrukhabad and she went to his satsang along with the her husbands'

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