Page 91 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Story of Revered Lalaji Maharaj
Sri Ramchandra affectionately called Lalaji Saheb from his childhood used to recite Ram Charit Manas for his mother in uncommonly sweet and melodious voice inherited by him from her. While a child, he inculcated in himself a deep love for music and had an amazing aptitude for producing an exact imitation of the intonation etc., of any song which he had heard only once. His mothers' spiritual life had a great effect on him and he had at that age developing a strong love for Reality.
His mother breathed her last when he was only seven years of age and he was brought up by another woman who loved him very dearly. Lalaji had deep regard for her all her life. Once she wanted to give him all her property to him but he firmly refused to accept it and on his own part gave her presents and help throughout her life.
He was educated in Urdu, Persian, and Arabic by private tutor and learnt Hindi from his mother. Later he studied at the Mission School at Farukhabad and passed the English Middle Examination. While at school he lived in a very small

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