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Story of Revered Lalaji Maharaj
were paid on due dates. According to him, servants were helpers and should be engaged to do work which their masters could not generally do themselves. Breaking of promises, spending more money on ceremonial occasions than one could afford to, were strongly disliked by him. Backbiters got no sympathy from him. On the contrary, they were strongly reprimanded - "You have not been appointed spies," he would say, and bring them to the right path at once. Sri Lalaji was transferred from Kaimganj to Fatehgarh in the year 1908. He began, for most of the time, to live in seclusion and to remain lost in God. There was an old servant who did all the house work. Lalaji's personality, mode of living and general behaviour impressed his neighbours greatly and they loved him dearly and respected greatly. In the beginning, some teachers came to him and were transformed in no time. Finding a great change in themselves, those teachers told some students about the change wrought in their personalities without their own effort and this brought some students to Lalaji, and they
also got transformed likewise. Learning of this

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