Page 20 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 20

pursuer. Perception has no approach up to it. People tend to consider this state of Tam as their deadliest enemy. But if you ever happen to study a person in whom this state of complete 'ignorance' is reigning in full swing, you will find that at the highest pitch of advancement he, like an infant baby, has no awareness of his own condition. But if a slight touch of Sat is applied to it, he will then begin to have cognizance of his state of Tam. This is due to the fact that the meeting point of the two leads to the creation of a new state, identical with that which was the basis of Creation. Now the principle of Invertendo applies in this case too.
The third phase of manifestation relates to the material exposition of the objects of Nature. People remain entangled in it, forming numerous ideas and desires. Generally our eye is attracted by anything bright and glaring, which we commonly misunderstand as Sat. This bright object is nothing except Maya and those who talk so highly about it are in fact far away from the sphere of spirituality even, not to say of Reality. But people have developed such a state of torpidity that they are neither prone to hear nor perceive anything in this

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