Page 226 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 226

Praying for relief from suffering and miseries of a person or group of persons then becomes very subsidiary and secondary goal to the noble idea "that all are developing true love and devotion to the Master" given to us by the Master in his method.
If any meaningful evolution towards a global consciousness or transformation of human beings into divine stature should happen first and foremost service we can do consciously is to participate by following this method with sincerity and devotion.
It becomes thus very clear that we aim at possessing this impartial compassion and this intelligence or wisdom. This motivation is the pivot for understanding the Natural Path of our Master in the real sense of term. For a proper appreciation of this nature of mind the practice of the Commandments of the Master is of paramount importance. Thus the goal fixed for us, to gain Oneness with God essentially requires pure motivation and the attitude that we are doing the practice and study of the Natural path essentially for the development of the Universal consciousness. The Commandment 9 of the Master in its essence

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