Page 257 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 257

Mahaveer said it is getting formed and we should get rid of it by the method given Japa, austerity, penance, etc.
We thus see that Revered Babuji has given us the methods. He has not changed the tradition, but he says he has refined and modified the same process to be attended to by us. Lord Krishna has said the Atma has to be controlled by the Atma. Various commentators have tried to explain this assertion of the Lord but were constrained to strangulate the same to suit the purposes of their version of Vedanta Sutras.
The lower heart or the lower state of mind has to be conquered by the upper state of mind and this is the struggle we are met with during meditation. We know that there is something that is pulling us up. We are also aware that something is pulling us down. Simultaneously both these things are going on in our mind and our struggle seems to be a Deva- Danava war that is going on. The internal war is going on. The lower mind does not so easily yield because this is the plane of our entire energy, the principles of life and this is the place where the Kama, Krodha reside and all the distortions of these basic tendencies at higher plane owes
their existence to this source of energy only. 257

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