Page 292 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 292

cannot give freedom without restraint to wild animals however much we appreciate they have a right to live freely without bondages of the cages in Zoos or Circuses. Similarly we cannot give freedom to children to play with Gas/Electric stoves. We cannot give freedom to people to practice habits which are injurious to their health and that of others.
In spirituality no one has any right to impose his favorite God/Goddess on others. No one has any right to impose a particular form of worship on others. No one has any right to claim that he is the only Guru or Master. It is an entirely a different matter that an individual accepts some method or Master as his to the exclusion of others. That is his spiritual prerogative. This freedom has been granted to all in our land from the beginning not withstanding aberrations and that is the vital spiritual fountain that governs us.
In such a situation one is likely to find himself alone in spirituality and it has been rightly called Aadhyaatimika vidya-that is science related to Self. However in this land it has been the practice to get help from others in this para- vidya from the vedic times. Assistance through
help from other co-travelers was most 292

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