Page 324 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 324

The experiment of diving deep into meditation, into no-mind, removes the obstacles to the realisation of our true nature. This may be likened to the way of the scientists who get closer to understanding by ruling out possible causes. In a laboratory, this may be a long and fruitless process, but in a moment of no-mind, all that is false disappears for it is the mind only that creates what is false. What is unreal can only be a construct of thought for it has no other existence.
This is neither religion nor philosophy but pure and simple Imperience or spirituality. If we dive into silence, all thought including ideas of god, religions, and ideas of ego or self (the illusions) cannot abide. They dissolve, for they were thought only just like dreams in the night that fade in the morning and nothing can catch hold of them to make them stay.
One may ask why do we use the words meditation and silence while talking about spirituality. These words give rise to false and superstitious ideas particularly when we repeatedly say dissolve into a state of no mind or no boundary consciousness or have Laya. This question is excellent, and I make bold to

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