Page 331 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 331

but one with us. He knows through being and not perceiving. He is not limited by the subject, object duality. The limitation of God (is it blasphemous) is that he cannot perceive. He knows but does not know that He knows. We provide Him not just a set of senses but with our capacity for cognition and cognitive perception well developed we lend Him with our capacity to question and understand and reflect. This is because we are the Homo sapiens sapiens the creatures that do know that they know.
Because we perceive and gain knowledge we can never know God and He remains always the Unknown. He is so intimate that we do not perceive and know Him. Knowledge is the link between Subject and Object of perception. But He is neither the Subject nor the Object of any perception. Thus He remains always  ̳the Unknown‘ through any mediated or perceptive knowledge. He is not known through perception, inference, analogy, Scriptures and advice from elders. He is to be intuited and imperienced. It is only when the mind which coordinates and collates all perceptive data gets totally interiorised and gets purged out of all the impressions of such perceptive data and

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