Page 386 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 386

it is felt by us as pain or suffering is our reaction to the heat of such learning. In all this He reveals a part of Himself, and sometimes we are allowed to witness a little bit of it, a peep into it but most of the time nothing that we understand. Mostly it would be too difficult to make sense of such suffering which certain times border on agony and anguish. While reviewing our pettiness in our behavior, thinking and attitudes and treatments to fellow beings and hanging our heads in shame we find still the presence of the Master "There"- where we ourselves loath to live. There is so much love, so much intimacy, and then we wake up after the meditation. That presence of the Master that is imperienced helps us to go to work and attend to whatever we have to do that day.
It is often funny that when we get too far in this path and live in a state of constant remembrance where the Master's presence is felt we get a knock at the door and we are given a tax-bill that needs to be cleared immediately. We are also ordinary human beings who live in this world with all of the limitations of this world. During meditations/imperience we are so free, it is so

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