Page 406 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 406

However Master stated that Satchitananda is not our real nature and our true nature is one of total ―Nothingness‖. The Master said that at the moment of creation, this One Energy or Centre of all and everything polarized itself into a seeming duality: the Centre and the Stir or Kshob. One is latent and the other is the patent. The zero and action are the polar opposites that emerged. The seemingly opposite forces are what we may consider as the cause for the Universe to manifest in the first place. It is obvious that this duality is a "seeming" duality. The reason why these dualities, these opposites, only seem to exist is that each side of the duality depends on the other side for its existence.  ̳Here‘ makes no sense without  ̳there‘ and  ̳Love‘ makes no sense without  ̳Hate‘ and  ̳This‘ makes no sense without  ̳That‘. They are not, mutually exclusive opposites, but rather aspects of the same thing, the same process. Thus the dualities arise like good and bad, divinity and mind.
Each of these seemingly opposite poles are, really, totally dependent on each other. They are one thing, not two. In being opposite, they are also inextricably tied to each other, and

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