Page 408 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 408

of ―Nothingness.‖ Nothingness then is Divinity at the time of Origin as well as when we reach our goal or know our real nature. Sadhana then is Nothingness knowing itself! And what is the purpose? Happiness unbounded and eternal peace.
When we describe things in this way, some persons think that if we were able to see reality directly in the way we have described, then we would have no motivation and no connection to life as we know it. This however, is not at all what happens. When we see who we really are, we are still aware of the world the mind creates, the world of things and events, and we still participate in it. We know, however, all the while, that it is all a game, a play, and nothing, really, can go wrong. Or, rather, that whatever happens, we and everyone and everything else is still that One Energy of all and everything.
We can see that there are two ways of seeing things. In one way, the way of the mind, we see the separation of things and the tension between opposites, and think all that to be reality. This could be called "The Game of Black and White." The problem with this way of seeing things is that when we play, we add a
rule that gives us a lot of trouble: the rule that 408

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