Page 54 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 54

The first commandment accordingly states that one should rise before dawn or sunrise. Master Ram Chandraji Maharaj gives another reason. This is to reveal the correspondence between the creative period of the entire universe and our own times as calculated from the movement of the earth round the sun or diurnal rotation of the earth or the monthly movement of the moon round the earth.
At the beginning it must be presumed that only the transcendent beyond all thought existed. Obviously such an existence is completely different from what we call existence because all this arises from that through the act of original thought. This thought also must be considered to be different from all our thought but that it is the power of manifestation or energy of projection or manifestation. This is the most powerful force or energy from which all creative processes proceed. This thought, having arisen, comes into contact with energy particles which are of the subtlest nature in the beginning. This thought itself proceeds from the divine fire or will which is eternal, from which all things or thoughts arise and to which all return.

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