Page 55 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 55

The energy particles coming into contact with thought get heated up and move out; and in this moving out they irradiate the entire universe, forming rings and rings and individuating themselves.
If we can conceive of each particle of energy as a soul or ego coming into contact with the original thought arising from the eternally existing divine will it will be seen that each of these has produced for itself a series of rings which as they become distant from the centre, become grosser and grosser. Further they get caught up in these rings which are indeed their cocoons so to speak.
It must be seen that the process of creation or daytime starts with this push towards grosser and grosser existence, as the divine heat becomes operative in converting subtle energy into gross particles. Thus the necessity to see that this precise time of our grossening must be taken advantage of for realising subtility becomes clear. We have to reverse this process by the practice of connection or maintaining through the divine thought with the centre or central thought or condition which is Tam* or that (accusative singular of Sah). This
condition may be said to be the ultimate state 55

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