Page 68 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 68

stated the sense organs, motor organs and manas in their gross as well as their subtle conditions are withdrawn. These operate in the waking and dream states of the individual.
Now the contraction of the activities or withdrawal of the activities leads or helps towards recapitulating the original conditions of the tam or latent state prior to manifestation. The individual will thus make effective his unity with that latent condition.
The master shows that once these are attained and one begins to meditate on his heart which is the meeting place (sandhi) of the acit and cit conditions or the gross and the subtle conditions of the original force, then thanks to the grace of the master and his transmission, the gross particles begin to become subtle and subtler till they are finally recovered and merged into the latent state. The heart's importance in this is clear because it is at the heart that one really perceives, so far as man is concerned, the meeting place and conversion of the gross particles and paramanus into the energy that finally become latent or merge into the ultimate. The yatra or travel to the source becomes automatically started once the prayer is made at the

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