Page 83 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 83

of Prajna, where mind comes to rest and sense organs have come to rest. Now, when we get that state of mind we have developed that highest power which is similar to the state of the Ultimate. That is all so far as posture is concerned.
Secondly, you have to develop prayer. Our prayer is very important. Our prayer as stated by Master has only 3 sentences. It is not long, putting forth all the grievances and asking for all favours. It is not even a prayer for calmness, because calmness is not our goal. Calmness is an incentive and a preparation for reaching the goal. A man who is anxious or in trouble can never reach the goal. He can commit only more mistakes just as every student who goes to an examination knows that in his anxiety not to commit mistakes, actually commits more. So also in spirituality calmness is necessary but we cannot manufacture calmness by our effort. This is where we realize the human incapacity and that our will has a limitation and we want the help of God to give us that condition to connect us with Him. Now prayer is the request to God humbly and with an amount of humility that He should take up the work of Yoga or connection. And that is why in our prayer we

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