Page 88 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 88

for the purpose of connecting the individual soul with the Ultimate. Now that is no equivalent to the Guru. I should avoid the word Guru and say that it is Master who knows to put the energy into us or connect us with God in His ultimate state. So the Master in the Human form is a link, a living link between God and ourselves. In this system Master insists on this particular aspect. We advise at later stages when the faith has developed in us that we should meditate upon a human form. In the earlier stages one is reluctant to accept and it is reasonable for any person to ask 'how do I know that your Master has reached the Ultimate state'. We tell them that they may think about the Ultimate and pray to Him to come and help them. When He does come in the form in which we wanted we would ask him to appear in other forms. The worship of the transcendence and the impersonal or non- personal or non-form God is compelled at one stage to use or recognize a human personality who has come as the Person who can take us along with him. Now that is why the meditation on a real Master. One who actually connects us with the God is necessary. How do we know this capacity? Only by actual testing. There is

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