Page 90 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 90

and not say that it is impossible for us to connect with God. Many people tell me that it is not possible for us to connect ourselves with God and if one can do that he must be a godly person. But I am an ordinary man. We may be imperfect like anybody, but it is possible for us to connect ourselves with God and not only connect ourselves with God here and now but also to attain a state of God or His very condition even here and now. It is just possible.
Our people used to say Sri Rama incarnated as a man and took a vow that he shall appear like a man in this world. The idea is that we can become like Rama. But we have immediately made him a God, made him an entity and we never strove to become like him except for wrong things, perhaps listening to a foolish uncle or father or mother. And when Sri Krishna took the human body again he went about telling every body that he is a divine being appearing in the human form. It is possible for us to have a human appearance and divine functions. Yet we tried to say that Sri Krishna is different from us and with what cheek we want to love him? That is really a marvellous inconsistency. And that is why the worship of the Master in human form is

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