Page 144 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 through every fibre of your being, kindling the feeling of true love and devotion in the heart.
God is simple and extremely subtle. In order to realise this subtlest Being, we must take up means which are equally fine and subtle. The difficulty arises only when intricate methods are applied for the solution of this very simple problem. In other words they apply huge cranes for picking up a small sewing needle.
We have set up a tiny creation of our own, in the form of our individual material existence, having layers after layers of grossness and opacity. What is now to be done is to shatter off those layers of opacity one by one and assume the absolute state as we had at the time of creation. This is all the gist of the philosophy of our system ‘Sahaj Marg'. We are, so to say, to dissolve this tiny creation of our making or to unfold ourselves.
The easiest and surest means to achieve this end is to surrender yourself to the Great Master in true sense and become a ‘Living Dead' yourself. This feeling of surrender if cultivated by forced and mechanical means seldom proves to be genuine. It
must develop automatically within you without the

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