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Message at Vijayawada on 25-05-1967
It is with a feeling of gratitude towards Dr. V. Parthasarathy for constructing a room for Satsangh, that I speak to you today. I hope it to be a real work of the highest order. The work he has been doing so far, will very easily develop.
Our ancestors had sought their ways of realisation in the forests, away from the life of action, forsaking all ties of worldly connections with their fellow beings and others. We under the Sahaj Marg system try to create such an atmosphere around us in our homes so that they serve the purpose of forests. What we do is to attach ourselves more and more to God, and the result is that non-attachment follows automatically as a corollary. We thus come to the state of Vairagya in a natural way without any effort on our part.
There should be a goal before us, and we should try to attain it in the most natural way. There are many methods of realisation, and each one claims its efficacy. But it is our duty, before entering into any system, to consider which is the best
system, and it depends upon one's own judgement

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