Page 148 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 one and only one object, and one must not think of the result. Because otherwise you will distribute your force in different channels and the force will be reduced greatly.
God is the subtlest being. Somehow if we become subtle as He is, it means union. In the Sahaj Marg system we try to grow subtle from the very beginning, and the teacher also tries for that. We only think of duty as worship which may bring us to a subtler state. We also, as I have said elsewhere, check artificial vibrations which are formed, and try to have Divine vibrations. In this system our whole attention is directed towards subtleness, and hence we discard according to Yoga those things which add grossness to the system. Thus the thing goes on and the time comes when grossness bids farewell and subtleness also loses its charm. What comes after it, is nothing short of what we want and which we are seeking. I earnestly pray that all of you may attain that conditionless condition.

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