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 fomenting his disciples with superior force which is all and all.
The question now arises, how to find out such a man. In my humble opinion they should judge first their fitness to deserve such a Master. If they fall short of it they should make themselves deserving. Sometimes, the fortune favours and one gets such a Master even though one is not fit for the best sort of spiritual training. In that case there is nothing but the grace of God. Those, who are deserving, for them I repeat my pet sentence that the real cry of the pangful heart of a true seeker brings the Master to his door. For making one-self deserving one must have his goal and his present position clearly in his view. Afterwards one should adopt the means which should be conducive to the spiritual growth, and guard against the retarding things which may prevent one from attaining the objective. These should be the basic lines which will constitute the search for Reality. There are so many among us who have the idea that simply knowing of God is enough. This is their wrong conception. Having God is the real subject of spirituality.

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