Page 154 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 of the thing. Generally, it has been our habit to talk about the substance, but not to grasp it. Grasping can only be done if you become all of Him. The scriptures will give you the clue to Reality but you will have to proceed yourself. It is very easy to talk about the creation but as to what part we have to play in it remains always silent. They look to others and blame that they are not doing their duty well, but they do not peep into themselves to realise what they have to do to others. They are mostly prepared to blame the Divinity as to why there are so many miseries and troubles in the world. They do not think what part they have played for the good of the world. They never think that they are spoiling the world themselves, and are creating complexities in the real flow of Nature. The thinking has become so rough that they always add their own impure thoughts in the span of Nature. Complexities after complexities are there and it is the creation of the human brain. They are responsible for these things because mind developed after the Energy descended from its Centre for the formation of the world. Along side the mind, wrong thinking also developed, but they hold God responsible for all these miseries, pangs and
sufferings of the world. So, they must destroy their

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