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Message at Bangalore on 12-09-1976
I am happy that the occasion has come when a new Ashram building has been inaugurated at our Bangalore centre. I feel sorry at the same time that due to my poor health and being otherwise very busy here, I could not avail the opportunity of being personally with you on this happy occasion.
We should do our duty to uplift the mankind not minding whether they are doing their duty towards us properly. I believe that it is the highest moral which we should achieve though with some troubles and sacrifices on our part. This is a part of saintliness. When we work, it is but natural that some hurdles are also there. Gradually they diminish. There are good people everywhere hankering for HIM. If we do service, success will surely dawn. Blessed are those who have a glimpse of Divinity, even though it may be momentary. In “Sahaj Marg” system very higher things, sometimes, come even in the lower stages. That means Nature is fomenting one with fire of devotion. Cold and heat are almost the same but with a little difference. The lower part of it is heat, because weightless weight is

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