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 there above it. If both naturalize, that is the Real Realization. So, only remove the weight and you will find no density. Air is dense when it is touching the earthly substance. If that touching is gone, you will feel equality in all matters. Nature opens one hand and not two at the same time. If there is cold at one place the hot wave is nearby. This thing is going on from the time immemorial. It is the wisdom of the human being to make use of these things in his favour. We are a part of the cycle of this existence or in plain words, we are a part of Nature. We should abide by Nature and not try to beat the Nature. If all the things are changed to co-operate with the Nature, balance develops and that is what we want. This balance is developed by abhyas.
When the idea is there, action comes as its result. If meaning is there, the words are also there. When you dilapidate all these, Reality begins to dawn, till it grows to its full length giving fruits and flowers. Merging of course is the chief thing which is bestowed upon the simple being and simple man is he who knows nothing about himself. Longing for Reality brings a person to the right path. It gives a new life to the sleeping condition of a man and

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