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Message on the Eve of His 81st birth day celebrations at Delhi on 30-04-1980
My dear sisters and brothers,
Yoga is the oldest thing in India, but its development stopped for sometime because they forgot to extract phosphorus from the bones. India is now India within and the same thing is also coming out. Therefore, the true conscience of the people has taken its turn to make it run outside also. And they are compelled to do so as good times are ahead. The irony of fate is that we do not see the THING behind the things. Hence we measure the consciousness from our outward experience. The Indian saints of the past have done lot of work for the good of mankind but most of them have reserved the Reality for a selected few. According to the orders of my Master I want to bring it out, and pass it on to the majority.
No doubt the world is in us and we are in the world, but we have to search out who is behind the scene. Meditation and everything is for that alone. We feel He is hiding from us, although it is not the case. We see stars sometime, but after some advancement, we begin to feel the lustre of the Sun;

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