Page 161 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 explain further after matter is left out. Spirituality is a sort of feeling or consciousness of the Highest. It is the doorway to enter into Divinity pure and simple i.e. the Highest Evenness all along. In comparison to Reality, we are but a drop in the ocean of Almighty and somehow we should try to become a river from the drop.
I have developed a liking for service to others, and so, I always seek the better means for the service of those who are beaten by the whip of thoughts and actions, which cause uneasiness and tension. If poison is there, nectar is also there. When we stand facing the Sun, we get light and when we stand with our backs towards the Sun, we get darkness. That means, we produce both darkness and light by our own actions. When we feel ourselves to be doer, difficulty comes in the way. Of course thistles and thorns also bear beautiful flowers, which please the eye and fill the heart with joy. Even so, in case, God is the flower of His own tree, we enjoy God and not the tree to that extent. There are drains and gutters in the house. They are made use of and not demolished. You try to improve them and try to modernise them but do not dilapidate them altogether. On the other hand, good
men are there, and they may not care for spirituality

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