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 and after that there comes the time when we are able to see the Sun itself. As long as we think of the lustre of the Sun, the real Sun remains hidden from our view. I earnestly pray that all may reach the Goal — the cause of all our existence.
Had there been ‘not-to-be', the world would not have existed. If we deal it spiritually, then ‘to be' has the sense of ‘self'. If we want to go into “Non- Self” then we will have to annihilate ‘to be' in thought, and will come to ‘not to be' in its real sense. It means the ‘Life without life' — i.e., ‘we are and we are not' as also ‘we are not and we are'. The thought of one who is at “one in Himself” brings us to the state — ‘When knowledge revealed itself, it was only knowledgelessness'. (Jaanaa tho ye jaanaa kee na jaana kuch bhie) And there the whole habitation of desires get turned into desolate ruin, and the cup of the besmeared Individuality is broken so as to be incapable of holding anything in it. (Ujdi huyee bastee hai. Toota huva paimaan.)
Spirituality ends in Divinity, and Divinity ends in its Real Essence. Man after liberation gains nearness to God; and enters into a sphere where even Silence is silent. Liberation in body is also a chapter in spirituality. Material science cannot

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