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 much. If they get the fragrance, which comes in the wake of spiritual regeneration, they will rise towards their transformation very soon. But we should give our due consideration and try to improve the lot of the unvirtuous also, who may feel the thirst for the Real and develop yielding attitude to the Master.
In my opinion the civilizations of the East and West have very little difference. Here we try to use the Inner for the inner vision, whereas they use themselves for the inner vision. Spirituality is not the monopoly of Indians only, but it is the birthright of everybody. I have a strong desire that our associates in different parts of the world may not have to look towards us for their spiritual benefit. So, I say that I do not make disciples but masters. I believe every country of the world should have its share in spirituality. There is spiritual awakening throughout the world. The communists will also adopt the same system in due course of time. Almost all of us have come to the peace which is the basis of spirituality. When the thing is started and will reach the whole world, it will take them to what is after peace. Thus far, we know what is before peace, but hardly a few persons know what is after peace. I feel that everyday my work is becoming easier because it is now the Divine dictate. Almost

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