Page 163 - Showers of Divine Grace
P. 163

 everybody now wants peace, and the last pitch of peace is entering into Reality. I am hoping that a day will come when spirituality will run after all of us if our preceptors are so willing to have the idea for the betterment of the people in all respects. I myself am very weak and worn out with age. Still I am doing my best to bring real peace to the humanity. I want capable men and women to help me in the task ahead. No doubt the world will be paradise, but for that we have to work very hard. What we have to do is only to have a strong grip always on Divinity. I never felt disappointed and worked single handed and the result is before us all. I have full confidence in myself, with the Master's hand at my back; and it has always worked. The same thing I want from all of you.
Finally love makes every task easy and paves the way for the shower of Master's grace to smoothen the way to the Ultimate Goal. “Love is the hunger of human soul for divine beauty”, according to Socrates; and “Love is the inner awakening to Reality” according to me. Love Him who loves all, and thus everybody is automatically loved through Him. Amen.

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