Page 20 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 the base of entire structure. But its action remained subject to the dormant actions of the line of Divinity, which ran along parallel to it. So the proper working of the force went on bringing out forms and shapes. As a matter of fact, humanity could have never worked so well without proceeding along, in conjunction with the line of Divinity. In short, Humanity set itself conjointly with Divinity running parallel to it.
The actions went on multiplying and man along with everything else began to assume grosser and grosser form. Everything in the composition of man falls under the clause of humanity, of course with Divinity at the root of all and everything. It is for this reason that they say that God is within man and the same view is held by almost all religionists. Thus our ultimate purpose can be served only when we keep pace with the Divinity and link it with our line of humanity.
Now since both have come down from the one great God — The Absolute — the humanity too, like Divinity, was in purest state. The force of activity in it was but nominal at the time or it was so to say, in a sleepy state. The jerks caused by actions and

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