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Message at Bangalore on 05-01-1968
The only thing in existence, before creation came into existence, was Divinity in the original state and everything in essence form was merged in it. The process of manifestation started with kshob which stirred up a churning movement in the sphere of the Latent Motion. Activity revived and with it, the force got enlivened and started its action towards manifestation. This line of action though in perfect consonance with Divinity appeared in its outer aspect to be somewhat different from it, since it had taken another course arriving at manifestation. It may for that reason be termed as line of humanity, because of its close association with the formation of man.
Both the lines are now in action — the Divinity and the Humanity, running side by side parallel to each other. But since creation was primary object at the root, the line of humanity began to acquire predominance and everything, including man began to assume a tangible form though subtlest at that stage. In other words, the line of humanity became

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