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 worldly or spiritual. It is not therefore for us to condemn or crush them but to purify them so as to regularise the action.
All these changes in a man's being are brought about under the Sahaj Marg system in a most natural way through the process of transmission (Pranahuti). In fact, under this system the regulation of the mind is the job of the master and not of the abhyasi himself. When the individual mind is brought to the state of the cosmic mind, the manas assumes its real form and begins to give proper guidance. Man is a bipolar-being. It has got its root, nearest to the Base and the other end towards the world. If somehow, the individual mind gets moulded towards the cosmic mind it begins to appear in its true colours. As a matter of fact the human mind is a reflection of the Kshobha which set into motion the forces of nature to bring into existence the creation. The action started in a clockwise motion; that is why we see everything round in Nature. The individual mind is thus a part of the Godly mind (Kshobha). If somehow we turn its downward trend towards the Base, it will become quite calm and peaceful. But so far as my personal experience goes, I find that it is only the help of one,
of Dynamic personality that can turn it towards the

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