Page 16 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 serious obstruction in a man's path are also greatly misunderstood.
Of these the first two Kama and Krodha come to us from God while the next two, i.e. Lobha and Moha are our own creation. We cannot give up what comes to us from God but only modify them so as to bring them to proper regulation required for the Divine living. I may make it clear to you that if Kama is somehow destroyed in toto the intelligence will vanish altogether, because it is closely connected with the intelligence centre. If Krodha is destroyed a man will not be able to proceed either towards God or towards the world. Really it is only Krodha that excites actions which is thus a necessary requirement of an embodied soul. Similar is the case with Ahankar or egoism. Generally the word ‘I' used for the self is identified with the body, though at the same time it points out the fact that the living force in him (soul or spirit as one may call it) is really at work behind the screen. If somehow one is relieved of the idea of body or the soul even, he gets closest to that, one craves for. None of these is in itself bad or harmful; it is only we ourselves who have, by our wrong use of them, turned them into impediments in our march towards the Divine. In their pure state they immensely help in every walk of life whether

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