Page 36 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 expels them in order to maintain its eternal purity. That is the cause of thoughts. In reality, it sends out the contents which appear like a fog covering a certain surface. We call them thoughts. When we are attentive to the thoughts, their power develops. If any of you breed the divine thoughts, mind will grasp it and will not eject them because, it is the real nature of mind since it has come from the real Artery.
If a man wants to work out the problems of his life easily, he should give right suggestions to the mind. It is the condition which comes by practice and proper moulding of one's self. It is very easy to remain in one's own condition which is divine. It is the sure process for evolution. A little inclination towards the attainment of the Reality, will start weaving the future.
There are so many processes prevalent in India and they may be correct. But what is correctness?: The process which may put you in the undisturbed State. Vibrations should become all divine. How does it happen? When heaviness is gone, then only the thing behind the scene opens to the mind. If any of the methods brings about desired

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