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 result, it is genuine, right and natural. Out of so many methods you have to seek one for yourself which may bring out this state. If you are really trying for that and have got a real Master, the things become very easy and a good deal of time and effort is saved. People can ask “How to get such a master?”. As an answer to it, I can safely say, “How can one get such a disciple who may follow what is said above?”. I must say, for entering into the vast ocean, swimmers and swimming, both are needed. So Swimming is the part of swimmer and to teach swimming is the part of master. We can get such a master as can lead us to the extent of his approach, if we follow him earnestly. But really speaking, such a master is required as may be able to foment us by his divine power. There are stages in the cosmic regions which we have to cross and indeed we proceed to a certain length. Afterwards the power of the abhyasi fails to get at the subtle force. It is very difficult to cross it unless and until a push is given to the next step and that is the Master's work.
I have come across many a person who argues with that in him which is not in Himself. Some also say, they have made their conscience as Guru

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