Page 70 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 for our good. Some people are a little confused because I have used the word ‘Nothingness' for God. They forget that only 'Nothing' is not used, ‘Ness' is also there. When we think of the subtlest thing the idea turns backward, in search of the thing which is really there. If you say ‘Yes', the idea of ‘No' is also there. If I say ‘No' the idea of non-existence is there. If I say ‘Yes', the idea of existence is there. But He is beyond both. He is neither ‘Yes' nor ‘No'. So ‘Nothingness' and not ‘Yesness' is the only proper and appropriate word which can be used for Him. In short, our ultimate goal should be the ‘Ultimate' Himself. In whatever condition He may be, we do not have much concern. Further, we are bound by ‘Yes' or ‘No', but we do not know where to apply ‘Yes' or where to apply ‘No' in the correct sense. This thing comes from the experience and experience comes from the experiment.
I often receive complaints from some of my associates that they are having tension and I should help them in removing this tension. They forget that when tension is caused, de-tension goes. When the tension goes, de-tension is there which is not so heavy but still it is something. When both are gone,

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