Page 71 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 that can be called the stage of silence or the partial vacuum. Of course, there is no total vacuum, but we want to have as much as is possible. Total vacuum is God alone. When we merge in Divinity, the state of vacuum begins to dissolve itself; it comes to the Nearest. Silence is a part of a few grains of Spirituality and not the Reality itself. For explaining it, I can only say that silence is nearer to God. That means Silence is itself the seat on which silence stands. There are many worms outside, which our naked eye cannot see, but they are there. So, silence is there in abstract form, even though we may not be able to see it. It can be seen by constant practice, which ‘Sahaj Marg' provides. Our prayer, in this regard is also very important. By the prayer we go from outside noise to outside Silence. By cleaning, we go from outside silence to inside silence. By prayer, we come nearer to our goal because we come in contact with the Being. The same thing gives you nectar if methodically done and the same proves harmful if it is not methodical. Proper method has been prescribed with complete clarity in ‘Sahaj Marg' system.

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