Page 73 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 same centre. But we should be wise enough to take the right thing and reject the wrong one. This will be for our own good.
Real love develops in purer mind, having its Nature Divine. We can only know the unknown when we become unknown ourselves. Sometimes, these things come and go but we should grasp them and make them permanent with us. From there, you rise above. My object of life is that not only everyone of you present here but all the humanity should become the Real life personified i.e., life in life as I often say. Many of you have not yet fully seen the grace of the beautiful flowers of the garden and have not tasted their fragrance. I pray that you all may taste it to the full. This is the thing for which the Kings of the ancient used to leave their thrones and go to forests for penances. But the Sahaj Marg, provides a system in which, while living a normal worldly life in the way that all our actions may become penances themselves, we try to achieve our highest Goal — The Ultimate. Here I can help to the best of my capability but then it is your own effort that will count the most. May you be bold enough to make these efforts sincerely and seriously. This is my prayer for all of you.

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