Page 128 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 128

paradoxes of the infinite. But Galileo's is enough for our discussion. The infinite has been a perennial source of mathematical and philosophical wonder, in part because of its enormity: anything large is grand, and provokes awe and contemplation and in part because of the paradoxes like Galileo's. Infinity seems impossible to tame intellectually, and to bring within the confines of human understanding.This problem or similar problems of metaphysics and physics and mathematics is not what Master is talking about. I understand that Master was taking the simple position that  ̳finite‘ means human being along with all that is created and  ̳infinite‘ means God the power behind everything.
The concept of God asserts that God is the power behind all existence. God is at once finite and infinite. He is space and as such he is measured. He is beyond space and therefore he is measureless. He is boundless. He is infinite. God is infinite Consciousness, infinite Bliss, yet he can also assume a finite form. He is infinite, He is finite; and at the same time He transcends both the infinite and

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