Page 129 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 129

the finite. He is life, He is death; yet again He is beyond both life and death. God is boundless and in the field of manifestation He takes all forms, from that of a tiny insect to that of a large elephant. Many people cannot agree with the idea that God can be finite. But if he cannot be finite there is a limitation on him that he cannot be a finite and that would be blemish.
But let us think of one of God‘s divine qualities called Omnipresence. According to our human feeling, when we think of Omnipresence we immediately think of vastness. True, He is as vast as the world, but because He is in everything, God can also be finite. Again, God is omnipotent. Where is His Omnipotence if He cannot become a small child, a tiny insect or an atom? He can be vast, He can be infinitesimal.
There is a peculiar problem God has. He cannot perceive. He knows but does not know that he knows, in fact he knows but there is no ―he‖ to know. This is what Master said when he said that God has no mind. It is we the Homosapiens that 118

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